Photo Gallery- Hauz I Alai

North Wing Madarsa-1
North Wing Madarsa-2
North Wing Madarsa-3
North Wing Madarsa-4
North Wing Madarsa-5
North & West Wing Madarsa-6
North Wing Madarsa-Outer view- 7
North Wing Madarsa-Outer view-8
Masjid Outer view-1
Masjid Outer view-2
Assembly Hall- Tin Gumbad-1
Assembly Hall- Tin Gumbad-2
Firoz Shah Tomb-1
Firoz Shah Tomb-2
Firoz Shah Tomb-3
Firoz Shah Tomb-4
Firoz Shah Tomb Inner View-5
Firoz Shah Tomb Inner Artwork-6
Tughlaq Tombs-1
Tughlaq Tombs-2
Tughlaq Tombs-3
Tughlaq Tombs-4
West Wing Madarsa Residential-1
West Wing Madarsa Residential-2
West Wing Madarsa Residential-3
West Wing Madarsa Residential-4
West Wing Madarsa Residential Outer view-5
North Wing Madarsa-9
Hauz Khash Royal Tank-Ariel View
Hauz-I-Alai- Inner Site Map
North Wing Madarsa-10
North Wing Madarsa-11
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