Sponsored Articles: The Fate of Travel Influencers amidst COVID-19

The Fate of Travel Influencers amidst COVID-19

Covid-19 has been a massive blow to all kinds of businesses across the globe, and the entity that has suffered the most is the travel industry. With everyone locked down in their homes, the scope of tourism has hit its lowest point. Apart from airports, airlines, and hotels, there are several other occupations that rely on travelling for a livelihood; travel agencies, hotel/flight booking apps, Instagram influencers, YouTube Vloggers, podcasters, and a plethora of travel website bloggers are a few to name. Many citizens in the U.S are protesting against the quarantine regulations; they say that the government is exaggerating the situation and depriving them of their civil rights. People are desperate to get back to normal life and some argue that they rather work than receiving a stipend from the government.

Travel influencers on social media and other commercial websites have followers ranging from several thousand to a few million. Travelling around the world and sharing their experience through blogs, videos, and photography is how they earn their bread. Now that it is difficult to travel from one place to another within the city, they are running out of options to continue their online business. Their fans were supporting them for the adventure and fascinating stories they had to offer; their luxurious home or studio apartment is nowhere as glamorous. Now that they don’t have new content to upload, the regular number of views received by their channel is rapidly decreasing.

Big brands and corporations tied to the tourism industry often hire travel influencers for promoting their products and services. Now that everything is closed, the bloggers, photographers, and Vloggers are not getting any gigs or hefty endorsements. A lot of projects and collaborations previously planned out have either been postponed or cancelled. Without handsomely paying partnerships and insufficient room for personal creativity, the career of travel influencers is starting to look shabby. Staying at home all day is torturous enough for individuals who are accustomed to the hitchhiker lifestyle. The outdoors is their natural habitat, and their cramped apartment represents the state of their mind right now.

While many travel influencers are only hoping that things will return to normal before they spend all their savings in lockdown, others are trying to move out of their comfort zone. A lot of bloggers and Vloggers are focusing on a ‘quarantine series’ to maintain their fan base. Many are trying to make the best of this solitude and interact more with their followers. Social media is bubbling with content that suggests ways to have fun while you’re home. One on one with fans, house tours, and home videos have replaced the conventional travel accounts; it’s not as captivating, but definitely helps keep the audience interested. Many travel influencers have an intriguing personal life to share, while others are struggling to come up with anything worth publishing.

Like any other the pandemic that struck in the past, coronavirus will certainly reach its doom at some point in time. For now, travel influencers should stay home, stay safe, and think out of the box. So what if you cannot travel to faraway places, you can still get amazing photos while the crowds are dispersed. As a travel influencer, you are bound to have friends, acquaintances, and fans in different parts of the world. Collaborate with them and create content about natural landscapes that look far more attractive without anthropogenic interference. The locals provide the visuals and you add some magic with your words or commentary.

Writer- Mr John Adams
He is a lifestyle blogger who loves to travel and share his life experiences.  He encourages readers to improve their quality of life by incorporating positive thoughts and actions.  He is a health & fitness enthusiast and contributes to various online platforms in the same niche. Link for his website: www.healthnic.com
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  • covid 19 is the latest and new crisis that world is facing right now. We need to be optimistic and definitely we would be able to cross this hurdle collectively.

  • Hope covid 19 disease dissapeared soon and we can start our normal life routine.

  • Very interesting information given in this post We should follow up the government rule, it is necessary for us. We will soon conquer on this pandemic COVID-19

  • Thank you Didi Ji. Yes, the ray of hope only makes people optimistic. And this optimist leads all of us on the path of victory.